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Сommunication matrix

The interaction between the human resources manager and the senior management team are the stringent formed relationship that strengthens the communication matrix. The effort for sharing and receiving imperative information concerning the stages of the project tasks organizes the project for accurate reporting to stakeholders (Thill and Bovee, 2007). Therefore, the organizational behavior presents a synergy to the effective communication matrix monitored by the project manager to assure that the channel is effectively being relayed by all individuals.

The communication method determines the success of the project and defines the organizational behavior concept within the organization. Project managers play an important role in assisting the human resources department to implement change management for an objective to creating a learning environment that reinforced the indentified organizational behavior concept (Hunger, 2007). In doing so, the expectations of the completed scope objectives are met as well as a formation of a productive project team.

The skill of effective communication is the key to transferring the criteria of organizational behavior by demonstrating good decision making. The project manager’s decisions provide the organized efforts to staying on message and mission objectives for conducting training to inform and inspire the internal employees and external partners (George and Jones, 2005). The decision making identifies the possible scenarios within the organizational behavior concept of the organization for a more direct approach to a problem.

Respectively, the learning organizational cultures present a challenge for the project to moving in the desired direction (Bryman, 2007). Therefore, the project managers should recreate the learning organizational cultures within the corporation environments that reinforced the specific objectives. In doing so, the demonstrated decision making to lead the cause for an effective learning organizational culture manifested from understanding the culture and securing a sufficient concept of the organizational behavior (Burnes, 2004).

The identified learning organizational culture within the project environment empowers the human resource manager, senior management team, and project manager in motivating the internal teams to strive for effective learning environment (Collis, 2003). The learning organizational culture impacts the company for decision making during the process of completing the tasks for deliverables, in which, the organizational behavior detects how successful the channels of implementing changes and how issues are addressed.

Therefore, the communication and culture defines the organizational behavior for human resources to effectively and efficiently manage the needs of the organization (Cameron, 2004). The transfer of information and delivering a clear understanding of the internal project needs essentially benefits all associated individuals to the progress of the learning organizational culture framework (Dibb, 2007).


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